Ambua – by the Kosi 🥭

Take Note: To those of you who seek peace and quiet, those who draw their energy from the wild and love waking up to a river winding by, to those who appreciate being enveloped by the occasional clouds that rise from the valley or simply bask in the sun, and to those that love gazing at a star-studded night sky, we invite you to ‘Ambua – by the Kosi’ next time you plan a trip to, or are just passing by, the famed Jim Corbett National Park.

Ambua is a 3-acre farmstay with mango, jackfruit and gooseberry trees (among others) and currently has a 3-room cottage which will be available soon for renting. The name is derived from the old, wise and blooming mango trees, the crowning jewels of the farm. During season, guests can help themselves to the delicious `Langda’ variety of mangoes. The hosts hope that you too will feel an immediate connection that they experienced at the farm, which evokes a time gone by where things were unhurried and life was more than just about gadgets.

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