Driving Via Bandipur Tiger Reserve? Please Don’t Stop to Feed Animals

Karnataka state is planning to form wildlife patrol wings to check people from stopping on the highway (that cuts through the forest) and feeding animals at Bandipur.

Feeding introduces a diet pattern that’s alien to the animals and may make them susceptible to poachers who may lure wildlife with food.

As reported by The Hindu:

“H.C. Kantharaj, director, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, toldThe Hinduthat two vehicles will be deployed on the two highways cutting through the national park. While one vehicle will be dedicated to monitor NH-212 connecting Gundlupet and Wayanad and passing through Bandipur forests, another will monitor NH-67 connecting Gundlupet and Ooty. The authorities plan to take the support of volunteers to start with.

“The volunteers will keep a tab on vehicles and will discourage motorists from stopping en route,” Mr. Kantharaj said.”

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