Man Held for Harassing Jaguar in Indian Zoo

A self-proclaimed wildlife enthusiast is facing police charges after allegedly bribing an animal keeper to enter the Jaguar enclosure and trying to touch the big cat in Hyderabad’s Nehru Zoological Park.

As reported by PTI and published in

“Areeb Taha Mehdi, who works as a share-broker, entered the big cat’s ‘night-house’ at the zoo on June 6 after bribing an animal-keeper and harassed the animal, said deputy commissioner of police V Satyanarayana.

“He shot video and pictures of the jaguar and uploaded them on his Facebook wall,” the DCP said.

“In a similar case earlier this year, Bahadurpura police had arrested a youth called Mohd Abdul alias Fazal Sheikh for illegally entering the enclosure of a tortoise at the park. He too had taken pictures and posted them on Facebook.”