Tiger, Hand-Reared, Released in Wild, Back in Cage

Only 24 days after the tigress code named `TF2′ was released in the wild in Pench National Park, forest authorities had to bring her back in as the hand-reared big cat failed to make it in the wild. At least for now.

The tigress was dehydrated and frail and had come close to Khapa village, looking for prey and putting her life at risk with humans. As reported in The Times of India: 

“The monitoring team tried to drive TF2 away by bursting crackers but was unsuccessful. The tigress was looking for easy prey after being unable to hunt in the wild and even mark its territory. It had been hand-reared in a large cage after being rescued as a cub and had not developed natural hunting skills. Its stay in the wild lasted for only 24 days.