Dolphin Numbers Rise in Chambal River

Dolphin numbers in Chambal river in India’s Madhya Pradesh state has risen to 71 from 66, according to a census by the state forest department. However, there were no dolphin sightings in Son and Ken rivers.

As reported by PTI and published in Zee News:

“National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary ranger Rishi Kesh Sharma, while quoting from the 2014-15 census report (released today), said in 2013-14 Chambal had 66 dolphins. Son, a tributary of Ganga, and Ken, a tributary of Yamuna, have not shown presence of these cetacean mammals at least in the last two years. The two rivers had 10 and 7 dolphins respectively in 1998.

“They are also found, among others, in Ganga, Yamuna and Brahmaputra rivers, Sharma said, adding that the country has around 2,000 dolphins in various rivers.”