Lioness Found Dead After Gujarat Torrential Rains, Fate of Pride Unknown

Villagers found the carcass of a lioness killed by torrential rains in Amreli disrtrict in the western Indian state of Gujarat, while the fate of a pride that had made the area its home isn’t immediately known.

As reported by The Times of India’s Vijaysinh Parmar:

“Concerns are mounting over the fate of Asiatic lions in the rain-ravaged Amreli district, which is worst-affected by Wednesday’s torrential rains.

“Wildlife activists as well as forest department are spending anxious moments as large part of the territory where lions are seen in big numbers is submerged due to flash floods in the rivers.

“The villages around Liliya and Krakach, where several prides are seen lazing along the Shetrunji river banks, are inundated. These small hamlets are still inaccessible as flood waters have washed away the roads, sources said.

“On Thursday, body of a lioness was found floating in Bavadi village near Liliya. “As rain stopped, we were going around the village to check on the crops in the fields. We saw a lioness dead in the muck in a farm owned by Virji Dudhat,” Babu Sojitra, a resident of Bavadi, told TOI.

“There are at least 50 lions who have made 25 villages on the banks of the Shetrunji their permanent homes. The river is in spate since Tuesday night and is still flowing above the danger mark, inundating all these villages.”