This Dog Does Its Business Like No Other; Scoreboard:- Dog 1-Poacher 0!

The sole member of Madhya Pradesh forest department’s K-9 squad in Indore did an awesome job on its trial round, when it led authorities to a person selling animal bones and nails at Rajwada.

You can’t ask for a better start!

As reported by The Times of India’s Bagish K Jha:

“To keep check on poachers and traders of wildlife items, who are reportedly using Indore as transit route to transport banned items, forest department of Indore has set up a permanent dog squad with one trained sniffer dog. And on the very first trial round, sniffer dog caught a person selling nails and bones of animals at Rajwada on Tuesday evening.

“We got a trained sniffer dog few days back and today it was taken on a trial round when dog zeroed in on a person at Rajwada. Some nails and bones of animal were found in his possession, are we trying to identify the seized items,” said DFO AK Joshi adding that accused was selling some items at Rajwada.

“In last one year, forest department has seized several banned items from poachers and traders of wildlife items. Following which, department sent a proposal last year for a permanent dog squad in the city. Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF) RR Okhandiar said forest department had one sniffer dog which was stationed at Itarsi and it was trained in tracking wildlife crimes. Now, Indore forest department is second place in state that has a dog squad.”