Not Sure Which was the Wild Animal in This Case…

Representation Image Only Leopard Perched on a Tree in Dhikala, Corbett Tiger Reserve; Photo by M. Karthikeyan

A farm laborer who escaped a leopard attack, mustered his friends, went back, tracked the big cat and axed it to death. The group then tied the feline to a rock and threw it inside a nearby river. But they were clearly not satisfied with the degree of revenge, so they went downriver, retrieved the carcass and burnt it.

It’s for you to decide who or which of the two parties is the animal in this Ā story.

The incident happened in Chikhli village in Gir-Somnath district of the western Indian state of Gujarat, according to The Hindu newspaper.

The laborer Bhagwan Mala has been arrested and is doing time in a local prison, while a case is being made against him under the Wildlife (Protection) Act. The police are also in search for as many as 7 people who were accomplice to the crime.

Image above is for representational purpose only.

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