BBC Banned From India Tiger Reserves for Stinging Report

India’s National Tiger Conservation Authority has banned British broadcaster BBC and its journalist Justin Rowlatt from all tiger reserves in the country for five years, following a documentary that questioned conservation methods in Kaziranga National Park, according to the Times of India. 

The Times reported that NTCA, in a memorandum issued on Monday evening, said the BBC had failed to submit the documentary to the environment and foreign ministries for obligatory previewing “in order to remove any deviations, so as to achieve a balanced and accurate exposition of the theme”.

It has asked chief wildlife wardens of all tiger range states and field directors of tiger reserves to disallow filming permission to BBC for five years, the Times said.

BBC South Asia correspondent Justin Rowlatt’s documentary titled `One World: Killing for Conservation’ had claimed forest guards in Kaziranga in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam had been given powers to shoot and kill anyone they think was a threat to rhinos.

Watch the documentary here:

Image Grab from BBC Website

The documentary was termed as “grossly erroneous” by the government, the Times said.