No Place for Elephants in Land That Reveres ‘Ganesha’

A look at this video and one cannot help but feel sorry for these noble giants. This video reached me via a Whatsapp forward and was purportedly shot by a bus driver of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

No Place for Elephants

This video isn’t verified and there’s no telling for sure when it was shot.

But, it shows how we have squeezed the habitats of wild animals and underlines why elephant corridors are key to ensure their uninterrupted movement.

I had earlier written about how the Motichur-Chilla elephant corridor is being encroached upon thanks to human greed.

Increase in human population and resultant developmental activities have fragmented and reduced elephant habitats and curtailed their movement, according to Right of Passage, Elephant Corridors of India authored by Sumanta Kundu.

That’s leading to increase elephant-human conflicts.

Coming back to this video, all I can say is it’s sad and the firecracker that goes of in between is more sadistic than an act of self-defence as the elephants clearly want to get away.