We establish our interest and delight in nature programmes about the lives of animals on television and ironically, our enjoyment of meat side by side, without thinking animals had rights, will we ever begin to see both the wild ones and the ones we habitually eat as having lives of their own?

Forest officials in India’s Uttar Pradesh have confirmed a new nesting and breeding colony of┬áSarus Cranes in Etawah, around 300 km from Delhi.

More than a dozen nests, containing two chicks each of the Sarus, which is incidentally the state bird, have been sighted by forest department personnel, ornithologists and wildlife activists in the wetlands and paddy fields of Etawah and Mainpuri districts, the Times of India reports.


This has been the first sighting of nesting and breeding of the bird in Etawah and Mainpuri, Times of India reported, citing forest officials.

“The figure of the number of nests may increase. The counting process of nests is still on as the nesting and breeding season of World’s tallest bird is not yet over,” said divisional forest officer Kanhaiya Patel.