More Than Half of Missing Lions Sighted Near Liliya in Gujarat

Authorities have found as many as 27 lions that were among nearly 50 that were feared missing after flash floods in Gujarat state. Wildlife teams are continuing the search for the other lions.

As reported by The Times of India:

“The forest department and wildlife conservationists took as sigh of relief as over 27 lions, that had gone missing after flash floods in Shetrunji river, were located in villages around Liliya and Krakach village. There were about 50 lions living near the banks of Shetrunji River in Liliya-Krakach area before floods last week.

“Our trackers have located around 27 lions and they are safe. The teams are searching for other three missing lions,” M R Gujjar, deputy conservator of forests, Amreli, told TOI. The devastating floods had swept large number of domestic cattle, herbivorous wild animals like blue bulls, chittal, blackbucks and other pray base of lions.

“Since, the water level in Shetrunji river near Liliya-Krakach was high the lions might have migrated to nearby villages, increasing the chances of conflict with humans,” Gujjara added.

“Meanwhile, two more lions’ carcasses were found in Amreli and Bhavnagar on Sunday taking the death toll of Asiatic lions to 10.

“A three-year-old lioness’ carcass was found near Ghoba village of Savarkundla, while that of a four-year-old lion was found in Mayadhar village in Palitana taluka of Bhavnagar on Sunday.

“Teams of forest department are scanning banks of Shetrunji rRiver in Bhavnagar and Amreli district for lions.”