Panna Tigress Strays Into Villages, Caught and Released in Satpura

A tigress in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna Tiger Reserve, who had taken to hunting easy prey in villages around the forest, was tranquilized and released in the state’s Satpura National Park, the Times of India reports, citing forest officials.

The tigress, code-named `P212-23,’ was one of the three cubs born in 2013 in PTR.

“Wildlife activist Ajay Dubey claims that Satpura National Park does not have adequate safety for tigers. A radio-collared tiger was poached in August last year and investigations revealed the big cat was killed for ‘sorcery’. Thirteen people, including a government school teacher of Chhindwara district, were arrested in month for their role in killing of the big cat. The tiger was shifted from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve to Satpura,” Times of India says.

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