Uttaranchal Spring Bird Festival Starts March 3

Photo by M. Karthikeyan

The fourth Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival will begin at the Nandhaur Wildlife
Sanctuary (WLS), about 25 km from Haldwani in the northern Indian hill state of Uttarakhand, from March 3, according to the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

The festival will run through March 5 and will be held at the Chorgaliya Forest Rest House campus in Nandhaur WLS. The sanctuary is about 53 km from Ramnagar (Nainital), the home of Corbett National Park.
Activities at the festival will include birdwatching, talks, film shows, rural exhibition and local cuisine. The festival is open to public and entry is free. There are onsite boarding and lodging available for a cost. Details are available at www.uttarakhandbirdfestival.in

The Nandhaur area is flanked by River Gola in the west and River Sharda in the east and intersected by River Nandhaur, which flows east to west in the northern area and then turns south to bisect the landscape into two before disappearing in the Terai area. Nandhaur also has large swathes of undisturbed forests, which have virtually no habitation. It is a critical link for the wildlife populations to move across the Terai Arc Landscape.