There’s a New Tiger Force… in Telangana

Corbett Tiger Siblings, Dhikala March 2014; Photo by M. Karthikeyan

To preserve the tiger population, the government of the southern Indian state of Telangana has decided to set up a 112-member-armed ‘State Tiger Protection Force’, which will be led by Assistant Conservator of Forests in Amarabad and Kawal Tiger Reserves.

Large-scale destruction of habitat and decimation of prey population remain the critical long-term threats to tigers in the wild.

The new force will keep a hawk-eyed check within the territory under their jurisdiction, according to a report in the Times of India.

Noting that India is one of the few countries, where tigers have their natural habitat, the big cats represent part of the country’s heritage and their protection is our responsibility towards the world and succeeding generations.

Orders are also given to the officials of Forest and Electricity Department to keep a vigil against those erecting illegal power fences for animal hunting.

Legal assistance would be extended to forest officials to expedite cases and ensure convictions. The committee informed that the Telangana government considering assigning a legal advisor for each dis