Vultures Flight Renewed
The majestic vultures of Kerala state’s Wayanad “may yet live on.” A drastic fall in the state’s vulture population previously was attributed to use of the banned anti-inflammatory drug Diclofenac to treat cattle and other livestock. India’s federal Health Ministry has now curbed human formulations of injectable Diclofenac to single, 3 ml dose packs. The drug is banned for veterinary use.  Read more from original source.

Karanath to Help Odisha Count Tigers Right
Conservation zoologist and tiger expert Dr. K Ullas Karanth will assist India’s Odisha state in enumeration of tiger population. Chief Wildlife Warden Dr SS Srivastava confirmed that the agreement is being finalised. Read more from original source.

No Bail for Ivory Smuggler
Notorious ivory smuggler Afzal Baig has been denied bail by an Indian court. Baig, an inter-State elephant tusk trader, is involved in five elephant poaching cases in Sambalpur and one in Deogarh district. His earlier bail pleas were rejected by lower courts. Read more from original source.

Three for Joy & Three Squares = Overjoyed?
Camera trap images in Bihar’s Valmiki Tiger Reserve show at least six new residents in the apex predatory family. “Two tigresses gave birth to three cubs each at Manguraha range in May.” Five of them have been captured in the camera trap images. Read more from original source.

~ Tuesday Snippets ~

No Room in Buxa, Tigers Move Out
Tigers from Buxa reserve have moved close to the Bhutan border edged out by growing human settlements. Camera traps in Buxa have failed to produce any evidence of tiger presence in the reserve. Read more from the original source here.

New Butterfly Species Discovered in Arunachal Pradesh
Banded Tit, a new butterfly species that lives for nearly 2 weeks, has been found in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh’s Changlang district. It’s believed to spend a large part of the year in a dormant state. Read more from the original source here.

Border Security Forces Can’t Wish Away the `Elephant in the Room’
Elephants have made it a habit of walking through the living room, or in this case completely destroying the makeshift living quarters, of Indian border security force personnel in Garo hills in Meghalaya bordering Bangladesh. Officials aren’t sure if this treatment is only reserved for Indian forces. Read more from the original source here.